Friday, February 15, 2013

Brainstorming Brilliant Ideas

So for my brainstormed ideas, I came up with the following apps to help cure boredom while standing in line:

  • Build an aquarium
  • Fact or Fiction
  • Fun Facts
  • Hiking Trails 
  • Cheap Eats 
  • Joke Generator 
  • Workout Routine 
  • News
  • Paint your face
  • Find the difference in pictures
  • Build your own cartoon
  • Cookie recipes
  • Listen to music 
  • Find Waldo
  • Slingshot app
  • Test your hearing 
  • Build a room
  • Homework organizer
  • Photo editor 

My two favorites would be building an aquarium and maybe cheap eats. I also really liked fun facts too but for now I'll just narrow it down to the first two. As I said in my first blog, I love to eat, so an app that tells me where I can go to get good cheap food that's not chips or McDonalds I'm sold. If I was bored standing in line I would definitely be planning where I could go grab a snack after I was done standing in line. 

I also think it would be entertaining to build your own aquarium. The app would have different pre designed tanks with fish and decorations to choose from.

Build Your Own Aquarium:

Home Page
Users start by choosing what type of tank they want
After selecting what kind of fish you want, you can choose a
name and put him in your tank 

Here is a rough sketch of what a tank might
look like. Each fish have needs that are
happiness, hunger, and fun level.
Users have to make sure their fish's needs are
taken care of by feeding and playing with
each fish. You also have to keep the tank clean.

Cheap Eats:

Home Page

The first thing the app needs to do is determine
your location. Users can either entire their city, state
and zip manually or the GPS can do it for them.

Users can start by selecting whether they want
breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just a snack. Then
user type in different tags for what they're craving.
This allows the computer to narrow down certain
restaurants according to the user's needs. Or if the user
doesn't want to enter tags, they can just simply
see what food places are near them.

Here the program will give users different
restaurant options according to the tags
 they entered or  what is nearby.

I asked my boyfriend if he would look over my aquarium app, mainly because he gets as bored as I do and just as easily. He really liked the idea of being able to build your own aquarium. He also suggested that instead of a pirate or pink tank I do Ocean tanks, lake tanks, fresh water tanks, tropical reef, etc. He also said there should have some sort of goal when playing the game, that maybe you could raise the fish to sell them to earn coins and then you're able to buy bigger fish, prettier scenes, etc. He also said that instead of selling them you could breed the fish to make cool hybrids, which I liked that idea. I think it might be cool to do a combination of the two, maybe breed the fish to make cool hybrids and then sell them to see how much they are worth. 

His feedback really helped me a lot. I think people might get bored just building an aquarium and having no goal or purpose. So I think by incorporating those ideas, it would be a really cool app for people to play with! 


  1. Haha I love your language in the "cheap eats"..."where you at?" "what you craving?" It has mass appeal :)

  2. A good aquarium app would be nice - I played a few and my kids like them, but they're kind of aggressive in that if you do't look at them every day the fish all die - would be nice to have that guaranteed a nice look every day ...

  3. Hi Professor-

    Yes I agree, it's very disheartening when you get lazy and don't take care of fish and then they die. It's like having a computerized pet that you feel guilty if you don't devote time to every day haha. I think I would make it so that the fish wouldn't die off, but maybe the tank would just get dirty and the fishes happiness would go down? Maybe that would make it less stressful for the user. Thanks for the feedback!