Thursday, February 28, 2013

Week 4: Prototypes and Storyboards

Point of View

As I stated in my first blog post for this class, I love to eat. I don't think you can ever have enough apps about food, which is why I want to create the perfect food app. In fact, I might even name it, "The Perfect Food." 

While I have a lot of apps on my phone that help me find places to eat, or look up nutrition for restaurants, and even have a Dairy Queen locator, I still seem to always have trouble finding exactly what I'm craving. 


As I said, even though I have Yelp and other great food apps, I often feel like I'm settling for less when I'm just picking the location that's closest to me. Take Yelp for example, you can type in "food," "mexican," and "restaurants," and it usually gives you a lot of options, which is no bueno if you're as indecisive as I am.

 I want an app where I can select what kind of mood I'm in for food, how close I want it to be, whether it's grab and go, whether I want sweet or savory, etc. I want an app that can narrow down selections for "the perfect food." So this is what happens on a daily basis for me pretty much:


And here is what I'd like to happen instead:


So moving forward with "The Perfect Food", I designed my first prototype below. 

Model 1:




Model 2:

Model 2 is basically the same as model 1 but I've added two new pages: distance willing to travel and what kind of mood the user is in.


Video Demonstration:

My app in action! Sorry about the sound in the beginning guys! It's just my AC that's really loud :) 


  1. That is a great idea, when you're done with your app be sure to let me know when you're finished with your app!
    Me and my friends have always thought of making creating an app that would randomly decide where we could eat at,
    but a structured app that searches the feed from local restaurants is an even better idea!

  2. fantastic idea!

    A couple of immediate thoughts:

    1) buttons for categories could be lists to allow scrolling up and down

    2) there's potentially a lot of decision screens till you get to an actual list of restaurants, so perhaps an option on each screen to allow people to jump to the set of results at any point

    The assignment did call for *two* storyboards and two prototypes that diverged in terms of the type of interface. You have introduced some nice variation with those extra screens, but I had been hoping to see a more radical alternative, like having the initial page be the map page with a smaller mechanism for filtering at the top, so that you could see the numbers of food places on the map as pins, and see them gradually filter out as you select categories ... one of the dangers of lots of filter screens is that you might get to the end of having selected 6 or 7 options and then find that no food places match your criteria. Some indication of how far you've narrowed down the choices as you move through the filter process could give you a good hint that you've already narrowed down to just one or two and it's time to check those out ... or that could be done dynamically by the app so that the filter screens just stopped when it knew there was less than three options remaining ...

  3. I also made some video feedback covering the above points as well

  4. Hi Professor-

    I agree, I think having a navigation bar so that the user doesn't have to go through so many different pages would be a great idea! I also think giving the user the option to skip to results at any time would also be a useful addition. I'm considering starting the app with a map of all the places nearby, so people can see what their immediate choices are, and then they have the option to narrow down food options. It would mean installing a GPS into the program but I don't think that will be too difficult if I have a handy programmer! Great suggestions, thanks!