Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Week 3: Needfinding

At my internship, there's always a lot of hectic activity whether it's at the station or even when I'm out in the field. Regardless, I thought it would be a great opportunity to record some situations I find myself in that can be hectic at times, and find an opportunity to make those times less hectic and make the experience easier. 

Cigarette Butt Beach Clean Up

Last week my cameraman and I went out to Waikiki beach to observe an effort to clean up all the cigarette butts on the beach. The process was amazing and the results were mind-boggling, and it definitely gave me a lot of inspiration for media involvement. 


  • picked up thousands of cigarette butts 
  • picked up other garbage
  • worked together as a team 
  • took a long time for volunteers to go through the trash
  • very time consuming to organize the different kinds of trash; plastic, cans, cigarette butts, etc. 
  • some of the volunteers got distracted 
  • everything was hand written and calculated
  • possible cause for errors in calculations 
  • organizing and counting trash in a more efficient way
  • using some kind of technology to leave no room for errors 

Forever Roses at HCC

For Valentines Day, students at HCC build "forever roses" that are hand made out of copper and sheet metal. Every year they are extremely popular and sell out very quickly. 

  • made hundreds of roses by hand 
  • worked together as a team 
  • used recycled sheet metal and copper 
  • very time consuming
  • sold out of roses too quickly; not every student who wanted a rose got one 
  • director said sheet metal and copper was too expensive to make more roses 
  • didn't have an estimate of how many students would buy roses and therefore didn't have enough for everyone
  • have some sort of "waiting list" in advance so they can know an estimate of how many roses to make 
  • more students to volunteer to build more roses 
  • use the money that is raised for the roses to buy more metal for more roses next year 

  1. Volunteers at the Waikiki Beach effort needed a more effective and efficient way of picking up the cigarette butts. 
  2. Could develop an app that lets users know all the dangers of smoking cigarettes. 
  3. An app that could encourage people to quit smoking and therefore hopefully result in less cigarette butts on the beach. 
  4. An app that would be similar to Exel, where volunteers could then average and add the numbers of total trash picked up in each category. 
  5. A forever rose app, kind of like the girl scout cookies app where it's a countdown to how many days are left until you can buy forever roses 
  6. Also could develop an app that allows students to be on a waiting list guaranteeing them a forever rose on the day. 
  7. Other ways to celebrate valentines day- an app that could be all about DIY valentines gifts that last longer than flowers or chocolate. 
  8. If the forever roses are so popular, why not have other fundraising events throughout the year to help raise money for more metal for more roses?
  9. An app that could make people aware of how they can help clean up their community. 
  10. An app that could list beach clean up events according to your area 
  11. An app where you take a picture of something, and it estimates how many there are in the picture. Example: taking a picture of all the cigarette butts and the app tries to calculate exactly how many there are. 
  12. Instead of sending the trash that was picked up to another landfill, find a way to reuse it. 
  13. An app that could tell you all the different ways to recycle certain items in different ways. 

  1. I really like the GirlScout Cookie app, find cookies. You can use the locator to determine when and where Girl Scout cookies will be sold. I like this for the forever rose aspect, except it would be more of a countdown of when the roses would be sold, but they could also start selling them at various locations other than HCC. 
  2. Draw Something, this app gives me good inspiration for possibly submitting designs to request a custom rose. People could draw their designs on their phones using the app and then would receive a rose based on the one they drew. You could also have the option to share it with your friends. 
  3. iPhone calendar for beach clean up events. For this one, you could input your current location and a month to month calendar would show up with certain dates highlighting beach clean up days. 
  4. SnapChat is a good inspiration for a fictional app called, "how many?" or something like that. You can take a picture of something and the app will determine how many of that item there are. 
  5. Clorox my Stain. Another great app. This is my inspiration for telling users how to recycle different items in different ways. You could select what you wanted to recycle and the app would list DIY projects using the recycled item.


  1. Wonderful post Jade. You selected two fascinating activities and provided great photos and insights. You could try google drive on a smartphone to get an excel like spreadsheet on mobile. You've got lots of great ideas here - hope they can feed into your next assignment!

  2. Thanks Professor! It was really helpful that I was able to incorporate my internship activities into this blog post. It also made me expand on how I thought about the different activities or events that I go to on a daily basis.