Monday, April 8, 2013

Week 10: Sign On, Sign Off, Are You Sure You Want to Exit?

Sign On and Exit Guard

Many of the blogs I use most often have a signing on pattern and an exit guard pattern. This includes a variety of my favorite apps like Instagram, Yelp, Bejeweled, Pinterest, Temple Run, etc. According to, sign on is the pattern that is used to confirm that only authorized individuals have access to the site, service, or application. Exiting guards are patterns that are used when exiting a screen, process or application that could potentially cause a loss of data or break in the session. 

Sign On

This was a screenshot I took of the login for my Pinterest account. But I use the sign on screen pattern for many of my apps including Instagram, Skype, Bank of America, Yelp, GooglePlus, etc. Most of the sign on patterns look extremely similar to this. 

Exit Guard Pattern

This is a screenshot of my bejeweled app, and this "Are you sure you want to exit?" is in most, if not all, my gaming apps. 


  1. Good work - I wonder how much time we'd all collectively save if our phones could just recognize us via DNA scan or something ...

  2. Honestly that's probably not too far off. We might have something like that in the near future. I mean the iPhone already has Siri, who can basically do anything for you by just talking to her. Who knows what the future will hold!