Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Week 10: Visual Interface and Less Visual Interface Designs

These are my sketches for my two alternating interface designs. The first interface is similar to my first Balsamiq design with a few changes, while the second one is a little more visually appealing and interactive. 

Interface #1:

My design for interface 1 is similar to my original Balsamiq design for The Perfect Food. My home page would have one image (for example, a taco) and then it would lead on to the following pages after confirming your current location. Instead of a boring rectangle button that allows the user to skip to results after the first page, I have replaced that design with a fun, interactive button instead. 
Interface #2:

 For my final project, I want to move in a direction that is similar to my second interface design. The home page would have various Polaroid pictures of food and the Polarid theme would continue throughout the app. One of the more annoying things that people do my age is take pictures of food, so I think having Polaroids is kind of a fun interactive take on that. It also gives the app more visual appeal and makes it fun to select different Polaroids. I'm still playing with this idea to make it as different from Yelp as possible and also making it fun and creative! 

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