Monday, April 1, 2013

Week 8: The Perfect Food Comes to Life!

Implementation Strategy for Final Project

I have teamed up with Steve Parker to bring my "Perfect Food" app to life! Since Steve is a brilliant programmer, he will be the brains behind this whole operation, and I will be, as he said, beautifying the product. We have decided to go with an iOS system since we both have iPhones and are quite familiar with the software. We also talked about incorporating Steve's app idea, which acts as sort of a micro blog. We want to add this feature into The Perfect Food by adding quick tips or short reviews to the restaurants or food options within the app.

Our plan is to take it one week at a time and we will be chatting on Skype frequently to check in on each other's progress. Since Steve and I both have pretty hectic schedules, Skype works best for both of us but we will also be meeting in person at least once every week. 

I've put together a rough timeline of what the next five weeks will look like based on what Steve and I talked about through Skype.

April 1-April 7:
I will be working on the app icon that would appear on an iPhone and in the app store. I will also start working on the design of the home page. 

April 8-April 14:
After my meeting with Steve, we will go over the final design for the icon and home page and I will continue to work on pages for the app. 

April 15- April 22:
This week I will finalize the home screen design, as well as start finishing the final pages of "The Perfect Food" app. 

April 23-April 30:
I plan to have all of my designs completed by the end of April so I have a few extra days to make any adjustments or to correct any errors. 

Some features that will be included in the app will be:
  • Map & location aware (GPS)
  • Social network sharing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • Micro blogging


  1. A great start. Although keep in mind that as well as "beautifying the app" you need to take responsibility for conducting usability studies - working out the information architecture etc. Designing a study to compare interface alternatives etc.

    Also, if you are using Skype chat perhaps use the channel I'll make for you to keep me in the loop (on text chat)

  2. Hi Professor-

    Yes I will make sure to keep checking in with Steve to make sure my designs and architecture of the design are accurate. Looking forward to using the Skype channel! Thanks!