Monday, April 1, 2013

Week 8: Thumbnails & Notifications

Composition Patterns from

The two composition patterns I choose from were thumbnail patterns and interaction pop-up notifications. 

Thumbnail List:
Many apps on the market use thumbnail lists. They're easy to read and are one of the most commonly used patterns for scrolling. Thumbnail lists can be visually appealing and interactive by using thumbnail images and a small amount of text that would then link the user to the main page with more information. The two examples I have used are Yelp and my iTunes app, both from my iPhone. Both apps use small images to make the thumbnail information more visually appealing and then gives a small amount of information for each link. 

Here is a link to the thumbnail patterns: 

Interaction Notifications:

Almost all of my apps on my phone have some sort of notification that will pop up and alert me. 4ourth describes various actions for notification items, but the one I particularly like are the pop-up notifications. Pop-ups can be free-floating with space around all sides, or they could also be anchored to one side. The content of a pop-up can really be anything, and if I were to use a pop up notification in my app for example, The Perfect Food, I would use pop-ups to notify the user that there were no restaurants according to their search. It could also be used to ask the user to allow the app to use the user's current location, as shown below. The other example is a screenshot I took from my iphone for a text message notification.

Here is the link for pop-up notifications:


  1. Great examples - hope that the patterns are helping you think about your project app design :-)

  2. They definitely are! I want to incorporate as much clean and visual design as possible!