Monday, April 1, 2013

Week 9: Displaying Information Through Grids & Infinite Areas

Display of Information:

For this assignment, the two patterns I chose from 4ourth Mobile wiki was the grid display and the infinite area display. I chose these because I find them visually appealing and will be using at least one of these display patterns for my final project with Steve. 

Grid Display:

The Grid Display is one of my favorite display patterns, it shows a set of selectable images that can fit in the available space. The images are all similar in size as well as aspect ratio, and you can display a small amount of additional information about each image as it becomes in focus. 

This is a screenshot I took of my home screen. It demonstrates the visual appear and accessibility to having a grid display. Each app or program is represented by a small icon and a title. 

Infinite Area Display:

The Infinite Area Display is most commonly used for maps, and it is found to be a good way to display other photographic information. The entire range of the data is generally available at every zoom level, and usually whatever the user is loading is a two dimensional graphic. In maps, zooming reveals more information generally with newly-rendered images. For example, at the city level you only see highways labeled but street names would appear the more you zoom in. This is because having street names displayed at a city level would not be useful and would be clutter inducing. 

This is a screenshot I took of my current location, all the way up north in Kahuku. For the shot I zoomed in at a city level, where only the major highway is displayed. But if I zoomed in, you would be able to see the surrounding streets and even icons that represent nearby businesses.

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  1. Good work - gotta love that infinite area pattern ...