Thursday, February 12, 2015

Final Project Submission MULT 4702

February 12, 2015

In Spring 2013, I began creating an app titled, "The Perfect Food." I wanted to create an app that allowed users to search for exactly what they were craving by narrowing down their options and therefore finding the "perfect food."

The app is similar to the popular app Yelp!, but is also different because it allows users to narrow down their choices by selecting any of the following:
  • Sweet or Savory
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  • Cuisine
  • Distance 
The app also lets users choose tags such as comfort, spicy, vegan, healthy, etc. For me, I always have a hard time deciding what and where I want to eat, and I feel this idea would make decision making a lot easier. The app also allows a user to skip ahead to results at any point during their decision making. 

Hope you enjoy the design, maybe one day someone (maybe me!) will create an app similar to this, helping everyone make their eating decisions a little easier! 

Happy eating!